Licensee of Braiform

TK Chen Fu Co., Ltd. is the official licensee of Braiform. Braiform is the global leader in the supply of garment  hangers,  packaging  and  GNFR solutions to the retail industry. The company was born out of  Spotless,  Braitrim and Plastiform.  As Braiform’s partner, TK Chen Fu has been reaching out to global giant retailers faster than ever before.

To enhance the desirability of garment for end users, Braiform supplies in excess of 2.5 billion hangers, re-uses 1 billion and recycles 250 million each year. Recognized by global retailers, Braiform has gained numerous prestigious awards and citations in quality achievements.

We are Wal-Mart’s Supplier

As a Wal-Mart's supplier, world's largest retailer, our company is part of the "Wal-Mart Standards for Supplier Program". We are committed to the safety and well being of workers across our supply chain. Wal-Mart's responsible sourcing audits are conducted in our facilities regularly. The supplier development program provides a fundamental platform for our company to develop a systematic approach to continuous improvement. Our business is conducted in an ethical manner consistence with accepted auditing principles and is compliance with local laws. Having been a supplier of Wal-Mart for more than 20 years, we conduct business professionally with integrity to deliver the highest value to our customers and the society. Our product designs are guaranteed to enhance garment display at a competitive pricing.

Factory in Thailand

TK Chen Fu Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Thai Fashions Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 1993, the company has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing plastic hangers and accessories. Over the years, we have reached out to customers across Southeast Asian regions, Australia and Middle Eastern countries. With expertise and innovative technology, we guarantee to deliver reliability and quality to our customers.