About Us

TK Chen Fu Co., Ltd. is Cambodia’s leading garment hanger manufacturer. Founded in 2013, we specialize in producing industrial plastic hangers, toggles, accessories and polybags to global garment suppliers. With our technology and experience in the industry, we offer optimal production efficiency at exceptional quality. Our ability to adapt, to change and our foundation of unending quest to achieve and deliver the finest, has enabled TK Chen Fu to become one of the largest hanger manufacturers in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Through quality, consistency and optimum production output, Thai Fashions is committed to being the most reliable, value-focused and responsive partner for the garment and textile industry.

Official Licensee

TK Chen Fu Co., Ltd. is the official licensee of Mainetti the global leader in the supply of garment hangers, packaging and GNFR solutions to the retail industry. The company was born out of Spotless, Braitrim and Plastiform. As Mainetti partner, TK Chen Fu has been reaching out to global giant retailers faster than ever before To enhance the desirability of garment for end users, Mainetti supplies in excess of 2.5 billion hangers, re-uses 1 billion and recycles 250 million each year. Recognized by global retailers, Mainetti has gained numerous prestigious awards and citations in quality achievements.

Global Delivery Platform

At TK Chen Fu, we are dedicated to serving only the best to our respected customers. With the constant endeavor to improvise and innovate products, services, facili s and quality, we have gained competitive edge in the garment industry. With over 30 quality control staff and imported metal detec on machines, our products are recognized by interna onal retailers’ standards. Over the years, we have served customers from all regions of the world.

Customized just for you

On top of our full range product line, we offer customized products to match your ideal hanger because our customer sa fac on is our utmost priority. Designed by interna onal experts, our hangers are guaranteed to maximize garment display and withstand the rigors of transit. Annual Product on Capacity Hanger 150 million pieces | Poly bag 1500 ton