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Licensee of Mainetti

T K Chen Fu Co., Ltd. is Cambodia authorized

licensee of Mainetti, We were born out of a mission

to address the changing landscape ..


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We are Wal-Mart’s Supplier

As a Wal-Mart’s supplier, world’s largest retailer, our company is part of the “Wal-Mart Standards for Supplier Program”…

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Factory in Thailand

TK Chen Fu Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Thai Fashions Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 1993, the company has more than 20 years …

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About us

TK Chen Fu Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Thai Fashions Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.Founded in 2013 under Braiform license, we specialize in producing industrial plastic Hangers, Poly bag, Accessories, Stoppers and Seizers to global  garment suppliers. With our technology and experience in the industry of more than 20 years at Thailand.we offer optimal production efficiency at exceptional quality. Our ability to adapt, to change and our foundation of unending quest to achieve and deliver the finest, has enabled TK Chen Fu Co., ltd to become one of the largest hanger manufacturers in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Through quality, consistency and optimum production output, TK Chen Fu is committed to being the most reliable, value-focused and responsive partner for the garment and textile industry.


“Customized just for you” On top of our full range product line, we offer customized products to match your ideal hanger because our customer sa fac on is our utmost priority. Designed by interna onal experts, our hangers are guaranteed to maximize garment display and withstand the rigors of transit.